Do you urgently need a beauty master, hairdresser or a massage specialist?

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you urgently need to look good, but your beautician is full of time or you don't have your own beauty technician, but suddenly there was a little free time for yourself?


According to your wishes, we will select the right beauty technicians for you.


You choose the beauty technique that suits you from the people we offer and you communicate with her directly.


The beauty technician search service is FREE for you!

Information for beauty masters

Customers occasionally cancel reservations?
Do you have empty times in the middle of the day?
Do you want new customers?

We will help you solve this problem!

Just register as a beauty master by answering the questions that characterise your services.


Our mission

The goal of our platform is to bring together the client and the beauty service provider at the most necessary time for them.

We want today's women to be able to do their things effectively and always look beautiful.

We want beauty technicians to be able to plan their working days more effectively and advertise their services with less effort.

Conditions for beauty technicians


We are currently collecting as many different beauty technicians as possible from our database. As long as we register beauty service providers, we will not advertise it to the customer at that time.


If we have at least 100 beauty service providers in the database, only then will we start advertising and from that moment on "2 months of free use for a beauty technician" will start to gain new customers. Our search platform is always free for beauty service clients.


After this "free period", a beautician can buy a daily ticket for 3 € / day at any time.

No monthly fee! Day tickets only as needed.